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June 02, 2004



I can relate to your current problem. Have had various types of dental work of the type you describe. What I want to relate though, is slightly different from what you experienced but still a very frustrating experience. My son Alex needed to have what was called an extra tooth removed and it was not covered on any of our health or dental insurances. My DDS recommended an oral surgeon so I went to that appointment. I noticed the degrees posted on the wall, etc, etc,. We entered into the agreement stage and I said, I must go into the room with Alex prior to the surgery while you explain to him what is going on for a couple of reasons, he is young, never had surgery before, and is hard of hearing. Surgeon said no way, my policy is not to allow anyone else other than the patient into the surgery room. I said, ok, give me my deposit back I am finding another surgeon. After some searching, I found another oral surgeon who was great and allowed not only me, but Alex' dad in the room and we left after Alex was put under the anesthetic. So keep trying!!!!! Best of luck as I know how difficult it can be to do anything like this and feel like you are spinning in the air..... Sheila


Hello there. You must remember in these situations, whether dental or medical, there is only a relationship between you and your insurance provider. The doctor or dentist only works with the insurance companies as a courtesy, and it is in fact this courtesy which actually can add significant expense to office overhead. It is also important to note that patients that do not have insurance end up subsidizing the care provided to patients with insurance because of this. If your provider does not elect to cover treatment necessary for your health, your anger should be directed not at your periodontist, who only wishes to provide the care you need, but at your insurance carrier.

Tommy La Grasso

What exactly did you expect the receptionist to do? Let you have the procedure and not bill you mor ethan $500?

Come on lady?!?


Hi everyone,

Just wanted to introduce myself. This seems like a nice place and I look forward to hanging out here :)


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