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September 19, 2004



my one suggestion is that while it's not the best travel scenario with a sunday wedding, point out the benefits. first they're traveling someplace beautiful so extra vacation days are enjoyable. second, if they stay one more day and travel on a tuesday, fares will be much lower! always a benefit.

Carolyn Elefant

If you are a bride who actually cares about her guests, then you will never become Bridezilla.
If you are anticipating out of town guests, I would try to offer a number of different activities throughout the weekend to keep them busy. Perhaps if you have them staying at a particular hotel, you could have an afternoon get together at the pool or maybe a picnic or backyard party at someone's house. And some kind of Saturday night party - either at a restaurant or the hotel is always fun.
I would also recommend that you try to find some kind of centrally located hotel and reserve a block of rooms, preferably at a discount rate if you can negotiate one.
And, be sure to at least offer some kind of vegetarian entre or hors d'ouvres for guests who are vegetarian or kosher. Good luck!

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