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February 15, 2005



You can't swan to Italy and not go to Venice, especially on honeymoon! Although north east and miles away from Rome, Tuscany, Florence (extremely hot during summer months, because air gets trapped in its valley) et al, Venice rocks.

The Veneto region is a good one to explore too, Verona is a beautiful city. Even though its small and better known for its cheesy Romeo and Juliet balcony. That said, Venezia in a hurry at the height of the tourist season, would be verging on the edge of insane. Stick to the rock climbing!

Congrats on the choice, Italy is a beautiful country. I hope its a long break, with so much to appreciate, you are going to need it ...

Carolyn Elefant

Italy is perfect. You will get your great food (according to my sister and her husband who just returned from their honeymoon there), climbing and outdoors activity but also some stereotypical romantic spots. What's a honeymoon album, after all, without one photo on a touristy site w/a sunset in the background?! (our's is on the beach at Fiji - my husband and I went to Fiji and NZ, the latter where he spent the entire time with the flu). Keep those of us who must live vicariously for now posted on your plans!


OH YES! You can't go wrong w/ all three places . . . but you'll find that out for yourselves!!!!


Bravo! Bravisimo! I'd skip Rome on your honeymoon and if you don't want to go to Florence, there are lots of charming, interesting smaller towns in Tuscany worth a visit, like Volterra, San Gimignano, and Sienna. Plus the food is great and reasonable everywhere. DAD


You can't lose with Italy, land of the nastiest swear word that exists in any language I'm aware of. Vafanculo. Another good one is stronzo. Cretino. Also learn how to say very forcefully and at the top of your lungs, "No capisce Italiano!!!"


I can't believe you say NZ has no climbing?!? It has some of the best climbing in the world - one of the best bouldering spots (listed in top 10 by Rock & Ice) - Castle Hill. Has numerous great sport and trad oppurtunities at Froggats edge, north island, chrishtchurch, dunedin, otago, wanaka, queenstown....
I had my honeymoon in nz, spent the whole time climbing!

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