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November 17, 2005


Michele Friedner

Hi there Madeline--

I have been meaning to start checking out your blog more regularly as it's a nice break from the grind of all my heavy theoreticsl (and boring) reading. Did you guys register for all your wedding gifts? (I am trying to decide what to do about that right now...) Your honeymoon sounded awesome-- I am so jealous of the climbing. Do you go indoor/gym climbing at all?

Amd did you finish A Fine Balance yet? It's so depressing, isn't it?

Take care, and looking forward to more posts,


found yr blog thru the confused climber's blog
cracking up over your hamster analogy
thanks to chemo, i've got a shaved head serving as a big neon sign that says, "sympathetic looks and awkward comments welcome 24/7!"
the urge to punch well-meaning folk is hard to resist
but then i think, "gosh, good for them! going out of their way like that - how brave!"

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