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December 18, 2005



I'm lucky I just ate or I'd probably be eating too many of the few cookies that are around here. I say "few" because we haven't made that much progress yet on cookies. My wife and I are a musician and a lawyer, and we've both been swamped with work lately. I hope we can get at least a bit more baking done between now and Friday -- we're traveling to Wisconsin, too, to visit my family in Madison.

Oh, I don't think I've introduced myself. I found your blog several months ago by way of Sherry Fowler's, which I found I don't even remember how long ago. I work in Denver and live in Broomfield.


"Pretty much anything involving peanut butter makes me happy"

I feel that way too about PB. And chocolate. And nuts. And...

Karl and I went snowshoeing near Eldora yesterday and thought about you guys. Were wondering if you were out XC skiing. We only did two miles but that was plenty for me for now.


Ha! We ahve the same dishes. The blue ones. I ahve the whole set and love them but they get really hot in the microwave. Of course, mine are never ever covered with the yummy looking goodies yours are! Yum!!

Carolyn Elefant

Thank you so much for the pictures of the rugelach. My grandmother made the exact same kind. But these days, the rugelach sold in the stores look different - and I was starting to think that I had only imagined the crescent-shaped ones. Now, if someone in my family could only find the recipe for her onion cookies (sounds gross, but they were really good)

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