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January 06, 2006


The Happy Feminist

Your post last year on Coleman was excellent! I read "May God Have Mercy" when it first came out (just as I was graduating law school and starting practice as a prosecutor) and was blown away.

I am also amazed, AMAZED, at how many states (34!) actually permit the death penalty --

Kudos to you for doing death penalty work (which you mentioned in your prior post). A possible blogging topic?


Thanks! I don't have any death cases right now (though at least one is working its way through the state system and may hit my desk this year). Still, I will try to condense some of my thoughts about my past d.p. work into a post at some point. I've been watching the new Kyle McLachlen vehicle on ABC, InJustice, and am formulating a post based on my very mixed reaction to the show so far. Keep up your own fabulous blogging, H.F.!

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