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February 27, 2006



How frustrating... I quit doing aerobics because I'm so darn uncoordinated. I didn't like the feeling of always being a step or two or three hundred behind. I can't imagine how awful I'd be if my hearing and vision were impaired.

Interestingly, yoga in the US is very physical/athletic. In Germany, Karl always fell asleep because there was so much breathing and relaxing. I'd have to nudge him to wake him up. We really should get back into yoga but you know how it goes, too much work, too many sports and too little time.

I hope work eases up on you soon. See you tonight for some rock climbing!


Obviously I don't have the sight limitations you do, but I've been driven to tears in yoga classes in which I can't hear (at least the hot ones, since I have to take off my hearing aids to avoid destroying them with sweat). I try not to get upset about it since it's something I can't change, but sometimes I just can't help it. I avoid any non-bikram hot classes as a result, but I would suggest that you try what I do with all yoga classes, regardless of the heat - before class starts, I always walk up to the instructor, introduce myself and explain that I wear hearing aids and may have trouble hearing in class. Instructors have always been receptive to this, and it seems to help. In your case, if you find the room is dark, and Steve isn't with you, you could turn around, go to the front desk and ask them to escort you to the instructor. I understand the impulse to not call any attention to yourself but most people are pretty well intentioned and just need to have their expectations set properly. But, all my helpful suggestions aside, my heart went out to you as I read your blog on this. xo.

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