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March 17, 2006



That's too bad and really unfair that your phone calls are not being returned. And were you able to resolve the insurance company problem? I saw your entry re 'the insurance company from hell' when you were navigating what the company would pay and what you and Steve would have to pay??? I have a friend who only had to pay $75 toward the surgery that she had last May 2005. The copays for her are only $10 , if I recall correctly.


That's funny about the bags of lawn rubbish. We missed the last drop-off last fall too so we have all these ugly bags in our backyard too. Apparently, for years, Fish was the outcast of our 'hood until we got some new neighbors that we call the ghetto house; I certainly don't want to compete with them.

The gardening is a great idea. For us on the foothills, however, our garden became a buffet for all the critters. Very frustrating!


Any update on the CI situation? Insurance picking up the cost?

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