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May 16, 2006



You pull the look off so much better than La Lauper! Although really, didn't they have a hot pink bandage they could give you? I'm so glad that it went well, and I'm sending my best wishes for a speedy recovery.

michele friedner

Hi Madeline,

Lots and lots of congratulations on a successful surgery! (Wait, do you congratulate people after they've had successful surgergies? I can't remember.) You look like a mad tennis player with your bandage. I look forward to additional updates on how it's going and I hope you'll also do a piece on the ear pieces that you decide to get/make/decorate...


Sarah banshee

Mad, you look ten times better than anyone straight out of surgery has any business looking - not sure whether that's down to the foxy headband, or the Vicodin!

"Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgement that something else is more important than fear."



You look gorgeous! So glad to know that all went well. Love from the ATL...JGN


excellent! glad to hear it went well!! those little things about surgery - especially the throat thing from the breathing tube and the wanting liquid and food - are sooooo annoying! but then it's over and all is good!!!


Gorgeous do-rag Mad! Those curls would look sassy no matter what. Hope you're feeling better and better. xoxo.


YOU LOOK GREAT!!! So glad things went well. I hope the pain subsides.


Yeah! Very pleased to hear all went well. How do you manage to look so dashing post surgery?


Sassy is right! You just had surgery? And you are still looking so good. Nice, nice work.

I'm so sorry that you had the pre-surgery stress but am so happy you have so many people in your life who are taking care of you.

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